Symphonium (cdr)

|blank system|

Ambient electro music from sideproject |blank system| inspired by Japan Sounds, Manga, Kenji Kawai & Mamoru Oshii movies...

Symphonium is the last album with this name, appreciated by Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode who send me a nice private letter of support after contacting him in England in december 2007, Wilder was very kind and has answered me one month after with hos letter of encouragement and a dedicated photography of Recoil. Symbolic and amazing, it was the most important support i receive since i play keyboards. With a mate electro musician "Relaw" I met DM Producer Daniel Miller in the road of Paris (the day after the show Tour of the universe at Stade de France) but sadly i haven't my music with me to gave him. Hope the third opportunity with Depeche member will be the good one.

11 tracks 2007