Engaged Timer home studio and new music

UPDATE : 16.05.24

Je travaille avec mes nouveaux outils dont un nouveau PC où j’ai installé la dernière version de Cubase 13 Pro.
I am working at my new home studio. I have now a new computer where i installed the last version of Cubase 13 Pro.

Engaged Timer equipments (a photo will come)
Dave Smiths Instruments Tetra 4 / Roland Jupiter X / Roland Intégra7 / Roland XV5080 / Roland D-50 / Roland MVS-1 / Roland JX-10P / Waldorf Micro Q / Roland Gaia / Digitech S100 / TC Electronic M300 / Alesis Masterlink / Akai MPC2500XL / Emu Procussion / Focal Alpha 60 / Yamaha TF3 / M-Audio minisport / microphones, stands, câbles…)

Old Mechaload home studio
Openlabs Dbeat Pro (cubase 5, softwares, i decided to stop using theses tools very used for my officials remixes and a lot of new demos), hardware machines.