Exhibition at Cyberland shop – Toulouse 1995

Cyberland shop for Techno Dj, vynils & tee-shirts

Others exhibitions :
January 1995 Bordeaux : GLOBAL VILLAGE wear shop : exhibition during one month

February March 1995 Bordeaux : Electro Indie Discs Shop > 2 months of exhibition

June 1995 Bordeaux : LE VOLT Bar > One night of Exhibition with Dj Laurent B for a special mix, with special metal stands by Jean-François Buisson artist

September 1995 Toulouse : CYBERLAND Techno wear shop > one month of exhibition

September 1995 Mandarine Club Pinsaguel : CHRYSALID Techno Party > Dj Dave Clark (Bush records), Colin Dale (Kiss FM), Stephanocith (Hexagonal records), Space (Dj Tonio), Calyptol Inhalant Live (David Carretta, Harthouse records), Daft Punk Live (Soma records)